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Boston, NY Chefs Take Part in Super Bowl Smackdown

Food & Wine just shared news about the latest food related, New York v. Boston Super Bowl competition. This one, dubbed Super Bowl Restaurant Smackdown, makes the New England v. New York chowder-off look like a walk in the park. "Playing" for the Pats are chefs Jamie Bissonnette of Toro and Coppa, Tiffani Faison from Sweet Cheeks, Matt Jennings of La Laiterie in Providence and Gabriel Frasca from Straight Wharf on Nantucket. Their adversaries? A bunch of chefs from NYC, but who cares about them. The terms: whichever chefs' team loses has to endure a week of serious crow eating.

According to F&W, these are the terms:

For seven consecutive days, the representatives of the losing team have to:

· Wear the opposing team’s jersey in their restaurant .The jersey cannot be removed during work hours for any reason.
· Wear a Statue of Liberty hat (Boston) or a lobster hat (NYC) in their restaurant. The hat cannot be removed during work hours for any reason.
· Feature pastrami on rye (Boston) or New England clam chowder (NYC) prominently on their menu with the following wording: “In honor of the greatest football team on earth the Patriots/Giants, [Restaurant name(s)] is proudly featuring [name of dish]."
· Tweet a picture of themselves in their hats & jerseys eating the featured dish in their restaurant all seven days.

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[Image: Blippitt]

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