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New York Versus New England... Chowder

Photo: Official Site

As the Pats and the Giants prepare to go head to head, so do New York (i.e. Manhattan) and New England style clam chowders. It was inevitable, really. Legal Sea Foods, which has restaurants in both turfs and therefore won't take a side, is offering a online deal for a joint package of one quart of each kind of chowder that can be shipped to your home. Boston's Post 390 takes an even less combative approach, physically merging the two kinds of chowder into one coexistent blend, which sounds like it would be kind of pink. Post 390's chowder is now on the restaurant's dinner menu and will of course be available at its Super Bowl pre-game brunch. Oddly, both offers seem intent on bringing the teams together rather than heightening regional tension, and isn't heightening tension what the Super Bowl is all about? Come on, we wanna seem some brine!!!!

Leave that to the HuffPo, which is conducting a New York v. New England chowder poll, the results of which they'll announce before the game. So those are your options: adjacent chowder, chowder unity, or a hardcore chowder versus chowder death match, assuming you can call an internet poll about soup a death match. Oh, and for the record, none of the involved parties have failed to note puns involving the words "soup" and "bowl." Also, Manhattan chowder sucks.

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Post 390

406 Stuart Street, Boston, MA