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Food Trucks Heading for Brookline

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This April Brookline will officially open its doors to a select fleet of food trucks as part of the Brookline Mobile Food Truck Pilot Program. The Brookline Patch reports that food trucks sites may include spots on Auburn St. and Harvard St. and also near BU, the Beacon Inn and Skyline, Olmsted and Larz Anderson parks. The Patch also reports that trucks from Paris Creperie and Captain Marden's Seafoods may be among those participating in the six month program. The decision comes hot on the heels of the city of Boston's announcement to consider opening up new spots in light of the open letter written by Staff Meal's Adam Gendreau. It would seem that the people have spoken, and they want food trucks. Brookline is apparently listening.

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[Photo: Paris Creperie/Tiffany Eats]

Staff Meal Food Truck

12 South Street, Boston, MA

Paris Creperie

278 Harvard Street, , MA 02446 (617) 232-1770 Visit Website