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Quincy Reconsiders Rejected C-Mart

Photo: C-Mart/theKitchn

Boston's C-mart has been trying to open a third location in Quincy since 2008, but so far the store and the city have yet to see eye to eye. The Patriot Ledger reports that the two parties have presented a judge with "an agreement to halt court proceedings" for a lawsuit by C-mart's owner over the city's decision that a new store would create too much traffic. C-mart, which primarily sells Asian goods, says that verdict was biased and contained "racial undertones."

The article sparked a flurry of comments ranging from "I can't wait for the new C-Mart to open in Quincy. I've been looking for some good old fashioned OX tail for a soup" to "His lawyers better be on their toes for this one because we know what happens in Quincy when you go against the MACHINE ;) the screws are put to ya :)" A related thread on Chowhound weighs whether a new market would be worth the potential added traffic, and for Chowhounds, the comments are surprisingly candid about the traffic concerns, suggesting that the city may be on to something.

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