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A Glimpse Inside the Under-Construction Moksa

Photo: Leah Mennies/Chowder

If all goes according to schedule, Central Square is about to get a big new eatery/nightclub combo by a big name chef that may prove to be the neighborhood's biggest-deal restaurant to date. Chef Patricia Yeo plans to open Moksa in mid-February, and Chowder takes us inside for a sneak peek of the very much still under construction space. The layout includes a lounge space with seating for 60, a main dining room for 80, the bar area that will serve as the restaurant-within-a-restaurant, a patio that will seat 40, and a separate nightclub space that will also host classes by the likes of Chris Cosentino of Incanto in San Fran, among others. The Moksa menu traverses cuisines with Asian influences, bringing together poke, roti, satay and potstickers. And yes, there will be craft cocktails. For more photos, see here.

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