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303 Cafe in East Boston Is Closed... For Good?

Photo: Facebook/303 Cafe

The 303 Cafe in East Boston is closed, and whether it's for renovations or for good has not yet been confirmed by an official source. Boston Restaurant Talk reports that a sign on the restaurant's door says "closed for renovations," that the phone is out of service, and that Yelp lists the establishment as "Closed." BRT also notes that the restaurant has closed temporarily before due to financial trouble. After posting multiple times on single days, the restaurant's Twitter feed and Facebook wall both stop abruptly on December 20th. Besides the reference to renovations on the sign, by all appearances the restaurant is indeed finished, unless this is its second temporary closure. Stay tuned for details.

· 303 Cafe in East Boston has apparently closed [BRT]

303 Cafe

303 Sumner Street, East Boston, MA