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Chris Schlesinger May Sell East Coast Grill

Chris Schlesinger is rumored to be selling East Coast Grill to members of his staff, and Dishing says not to fret. Such a move would simply be "part of a grand European tradition of turning restaurants over to proteges." During his tenure of over twenty years at East Coast Grill, Schlesinger took heat fiends to a new level with the tongue scorching Hell Night series: you know food is spicy when someone leaves in an ambulance. In fact the concept is so popular that it seems to have been "borrowed" by Zocalo Cocina Mexicana's recent "Dancing With the Devil" menu. Schlesinger talks about his discovery and use of spice in a new video from the "Thought for food "series. He says "my food is inspired by the hotter climes. I believe that there's a different flavor presentation in equatorial nations."

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East Coast Grill

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East Coast Grill

1271 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA