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City Responds to Food Truck Criticism

Photo: Mobile Cuisine

An openly critical open letter to the city by Staff Meal food truck's Adam Gendreau did not go unnoticed. The Globe spoke with city officials, who claim to have already done a lot for mobile cuisine and say they aim to do more. According to the director of the city’s food initiative program, Boston is "in the midst of a broad evaluation of its food truck initiative" and anticipates closing some less trafficked spots and opening new ones, which directly addresses Gendreau's request for centrally located spots. Despite Gendreau's concerns, Mayor Menino applauded his efforts with food trucks in his recent state of the city address, and it sounds like he'll make at least some effort to back up that claim by opening up new venues, which would mean more business and perhaps even more trucks.

· Staff Meal's Adam Gendreau on his letter to the city [-EB-]
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Staff Meal Food Truck

12 South Street, Boston, MA