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City Says No 4am Burritos for Tequila Mexican Grill

Tequila Mexican Grill wants to serve food until late into the night, but the city ain't hearing it. The restaurant currently closes at 7pm and seeks to remain open until 4:30am, thereby joining the slim number of local eateries serving at that hour. The Metro reports that a representative from the mayor's office and a police sergeant as well as neighborhood residents have all voiced their disapproval. The mayor's office is open to compromising and is considering a closing time of 2am, which the restaurant says it would accept. One thing Boston is not known for is a trove of late night dining options, and it sounds like things aren't going to change any time soon. For input from vexed, would-be 3am burrito consumers, see the comments thread at UniversalHUB.

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