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New L.A. Burdick Opens This Month

L.A. Burdick Chocolate, creators of profoundly potent hot chocolate and of course those little mice, has announced via Facebook that its new location in Back Bay will open in mere days. The chocolatier plans to open its fourth location at 11am on January 30th on Clarendon Street between Newbury and Boylston. At first they'll offer only bonbons and Valentine assortments: for drinks and pastries, you'll have to wait until the café becomes operational at a yet unnamed date. Existing locations include Harvard Square, Walpole, NH and NYC.

· L.A. Burdick Chocolate [Facebook via BRT]

[Photo: Facebook/L.A. Burdick]

L.A. Burdick Chocolate

52 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 617-491-4340

L.A. Burdick Chocolate

220 Clarendon St., Boston, MA