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Quincy to Get Yet Even More Ethnic Restaurants

Photo: Carots 'n' Cake

Quincy has oodles of small, independent ethnic restaurants, yet it gets half the attention as a dining destination as other, more centrally located neighborhoods. That may change. According to an article in the Patriot Ledger, a handful of new eateries are opening or expanding and there will likely be more on the horizon. Alba, a Mediterranean steakhouse with a serious wine cellar, will be expanding. The chef of the former Cedar Cafe in Hanover will be opening the The Mideast Kitchen in the space that was Over Eazy, a takeout establishment that will feature shish kabobs and dolmas and will be conveniently located by the T. The Ledger also reports that former Blue 22 Restaurant is being sold to two Somerville siblings who plan to turn the space into a new Indian restaurant called Sher-a-Punjab.

What may change Quincy dining more than anything is news is that a $1.6 billion redevelopment for Quincy Center that bills itself as "the biggest historic downtown revitalization in the U.S." is scheduled to break ground this year. That means there are surely even more restaurants to come. With its slightly off-the-map-but-still-on-the-Red Line location, many existing ethnic eateries and impending boom, Quincy could very well become the next Allston, or dare we say Kendall?

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