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Allston Subway Robbed; A Play About Doughnuts

Photo: Yelp/Lisa D.

ALLSTON - A Subway location on Western Ave was held up by two men last night, one of whom wielded a knife with a "a foot-long blade," which is an easy measurement to estimate at a place that serves a sandwich called a Footlong. [Universal Hub]

BACK BAY - The Lyric Stage Company presents Superior Donuts, a play set in a doughnut shop with a plot that revolves largely around doughnuts. Now til February 4th. For tickets, see here. []

WORCESTER - The Onion levels its gaze at Worcester, the setting for a fictitious article titled "Neighborhood Kind Of Hoping Panera Bread Shows Up And Plows Over Charming Local Bakery." [The Onion via HiddenBoston]