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J.P. Licks Confirmed for Beacon Hill

Photo: Flickr/M.V. Jantzen

A new location for local ice cream chain J.P. Licks has been approved for Beacon Hill by the neighborhood's Zoning and Licensing Committee. The Stoneham Patch reports that the board "voted unanimously not to oppose a variance request" though they stipulated a closing time of 11 p.m. Some residents are concerned that the new ice cream parlor would attract rabble-rousers, ne'er-do-wells and perhaps even scallywags, hooting and hollering at all hours of the night, fueled by lactose-free Madagascar vanilla. The company's owner reassured such concerns, saying "most people, when they get out of bars, are not interested in ice cream."

· J.P. Licks: Approved [Stoneham Patch]