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Red-Eyed Pig Is Boston's Newest BBQ

Photo: Facebook/Red-Eyed Pig

The Red-Eyed Pig in West Roxbury is opening tonight, according to the restaurant's Facebook page. The new BBQ restaurant posted last night saying they would be officially opening tonight at 5pm and to "strap on your feedback and head on down." They also threw in a "yeehaw!" The protein section of the menu includes smoked chicken, St. Louis style ribs and fennel and hot pepper sausage. A crispy smoked pork belly sandwich comes topped with tomato jam and green chile and pork belly "donuts" are offered as an appetizer along with farmer's cheese. The Pig's Facebook page has pics of the restaurant in progress, and Boston Restaurant Talk tells us that the folks from the Blue-Eyed Crab in Plymouth are behind the new venture. Who knows what animals with what color eyes they'll think of next?

· The Red-Eyed Pig [Facebook]

The Red-Eyed Pig

1753 Centre St, Boston, MA