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Grillo's Pickles Opening a Pickle Pop-Up in Cambridge

Eater spoke with Travis Grillo of Grillo's Pickles who confirmed that he'll soon be selling pickles from a non-mobile location somewhere in Cambridge. The pickle store will be a pop-up open from January through March and will feature the company's 15 best selling products plus merch. Grillo has not yet announced where the store will be, but he did say that it will be "next to another local favorite food truck brand," which probably means it will be here or here. "It's going to be a real modern style pickle shop, something no one's ever seen before," says Grillo, whose low tech products will be sold using some high tech equipment, like cash registers operated via ipad and interactive flatscreens. And that definitely makes us think it's going to be where we think it is.

· Grillo's Pickles to open store [Adam's H&TIB]

[Photo: Pickle Freak]