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The Creperie Comes to Newbury, Strip-T's Daily Menus

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NEWBURY STREET- A new creperie, The Creperie, in fact, is coming to Back Bay and plans to open on 12/16. [Urban Daddy via BRT]

WATERTOWN - Nerd out about Strip-T's increasingly hyped, surprisingly hip dishes on the restaurant's Facebook photos page, where you'll find an obsessive catalog of snapshots of daily menus. [Facebook]

CAMBRIDGE - The Harvard Crimson suggests that students get off campus and experience the city's ethnic diversity through the mouth. [HC]

[Photo: Citysearch/Strip-T's]

Strip-T's Restaurant

93 School Street, , MA 02472 (617) 923-4330 Visit Website

The Creperie on Newbury

261 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116 (617) 587-4222