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Pinky's Deli Now Open at the Local 149

The Local 149 in South Boston's City Point neighborhood is transforming into a were-deli before our very eyes. The restaurant usually serves Southern-influenced, enhanced comfort food by Chef Leah Dubois, but starting today Local 149 metamorphoses into Pinky's Deli, a weekday lunchtime concept that may look exactly like Local 149 but has a completely different menu and, we presume, can only be stopped by silver bullets. At Pinky's you'll find suped-up versions of familiar sandwiches, like the duck prosciutto club with bourbon bacon and tart cherry bbq sauce on foccacia, as well as fries seasoned with seaweed, sodas from Mercury Brewing in Ipswich and sunny side-up quail eggs available to top any dish.

Boston Restaurant Talk points out that this is the second restaurant-within-a-restaurant we've heard of lately after Moksa's yet unnamed inner eatery. Could restaurants-within-restaurants be the new pop-up restaurants, which were the new food trucks, which were the new regular restaurants? Perhaps next we'll see Matryoshka-style restaurants within restaurants within restaurants, the culinary equivalent of having a twin that ate its twin. Mmm!

· Pinky's Deli to open within Local 149 in South Boston [BRT]
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[Photo: Kitchen Misfit]

Local 149

149 P Street, , MA 02127 (617) 269-0900 Visit Website

Pinky's Deli/Local 149

149 P Street, Boston, MA