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Tiffani Faison Makes Sandwiches as Kathie Lee Talks About Her Proctologist

Top Chef contestant and Sweet Cheeks Q chef-owner Tiffani Faison appears on The Today Show and tries to show the hosts how to make sandwiches from leftovers while they talk about butt doctors. "I love the word schmear!" exclaims Kathie Lee. "We have a doctor named Dr. Schmerin," she adds. "I love him." "And you know what kind of doctor he is..." suggests Hoda. "IIIIII know!" retorts Kathie Lee, now talking about her proctologist while Faison schmears broccoli with cream cheese. A wordless moment transpires as the hosts glance at the food and then each other, their eyes twinkling with ribaldry.

Faison: "You guys are baaaad." Hoda: "Schmear, it baby!"

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