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Kelly's Roast Beef in Allston Closing Sunday

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Photo: Facebook/Kelly's

The one and half year old Kelly's Roast Beef on the corner of Harvard and Comm Ave in Allston is closing this Sunday. The sixth and newest expansion of the Revere based restaurant started in 1951 and came to Allston in May of 2010, reports the Globe. This closure is not the neighborhood's first: a commercial space across from Kelly's has stood vacant for over a year following the demise of a Uno Chicago Grill (the restaurant formerly known as Pizzeria Uno). For a bittersweet trip down memory lane, check out the Kelly's Allston Facebook page photos from opening day, when it looked like things would be all babies balloons forever.

· Kelly's Roast Beef to Close Allston Restaurant on Sunday [Boston Globe]

Kelly's Roast Beef

1227 Commonwealth Ave Allston, MA