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Ecco Pizzeria in Allston Opens

Photo: Facebook/Ecco

What does the pizzeria of 2012 look like? Take a gander at the freshly opened Ecco Pizzeria on Comm Ave in Allston, which touts its greenness as much or more than its actual food. Boston Restaurant Talk brings news of its recent opening, and the restaurant's Facebook page and website soundly demonstrate that Ecco has swallowed the premise of selling pizza by saving the world. The restaurant uses organic ingredients for pizzas and salads, which are the primary menu items, and serves locally roasted coffee and organic ice cream and sorbetto. It aims to be a "near-zero waste" business thanks to recycling and composting, and in the spirit of the day, it attracts would-be diners by discussing its plumbing (low-flow). Because pizza is an Italian word, they list all of these features under a section of their website called "Ecologico." Pizza choices include the verdure, with grilled baby artichokes, and the vongole, with clams, bacon and fresh oregano. For a video showing the space and the pies being made, see Thrillist.

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Ecco Pizzeria

1147 Commonwealth Avenue, Allston, MA 02134 (617) 903-4324 Visit Website

Ecco Pizzeria

1147 Commonwealth Avenue, Allston, MA