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Cambridge-Based Inhalable Caffeine Called a "Party Drug"

Photo: CNet

Is huffing caffeine about to become the new club drug? Just as Cambridge-based Breathable Foods, Inc. was slated to roll out their inhalable caffeine product Aeroshot, the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics and a US senator have come forward to criticize the stuff as a "party drug." The product looks like a shotgun shell and is marketed with suggestive slogans including "anytime, anyplace." Concerns were raised over Aeroshot's use by young people and by the effects of combining it with alcohol, which sounds similar to last year's objections over alcoholic whipped cream. The CEO of Breathable Foods fired back, saying his product complies with FDA standards, contains vitamin B, and doesn't have as much crap in it as your average energy drink.

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