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Vegetarian Dosa Temple Now Open in Somerville

Photo: Official Site

2DSC01962.jpgThe new vegetarian Dosa Temple, located between Porter and Union Square on Somerville Ave, is now open for business and making a strong addition to Boston's South Indian dining options. The menu is similar to the first location in Ashland and as the name suggests, the Temple is primarily devoted to the dosa, a stuffed, savory crepe made with slightly tangy, fermented dal and rice. Green V's mark the ample vegan options, and instead of hot dogs and chicken fingers, the kid's menu lists mini idlis and a cone-shaped dosa, both of which are also vegan: surely this is the city's best vegan children's menu. Also featured are four Indo-Chinese dishes, soups, curries and breads. Drinks include spiced buttermilk, watermelon juice and Indian sodas, and a dessert called rasa gulla sounds suspiciously like a Batman villian.

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