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No One Biting at Todd English's $25,000 Groupon Class

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Photo: City Unlisted

Thus far there have been no takers announced for the $25,000 Todd English experience offered on Groupon, though there are some updates regarding the deal. The Herald reports that the celeb chef who got his start in Boston "wouldn't make a penny from it," though no beneficiaries have been named: maybe it would go towards speeding the reopening of Olives? In contrast, a 10 stop trip around the world for $10,000 once sold on Groupon in under five minutes. The Herald also reports that spokespeople for both Groupon and English acknowledge how silly this is. "This was a fun experience for us to see if there is a market for something like this and there definitely is," assured Groupon. If the offer doesn't move, perhaps they would sell just the double-thumbed oven mitt for $24,000.

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