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Miller's Boston Ale House Opens Today

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Photo: Official Site

2photo.jpgMiller's Boston Ale House near the Arsenal Mall in Watertown opened today at 11am. The Florida-based chain is now operating in the same space as a former Bugaboo Creek Steak House and is the home of a proprietary boneless chicken menu item called "Zingers." Also on the menu are raw bar clams and oysters, conch fritters and smoked fish dip, proof of a nautical theme that extends to the use of the phrase "reel great place" in the restaurant's motto. "We're so excited to open up a location in Boston and hope this won't be the last," said a spokesperson for the company, which has over 50 restaurants and seems to be expanding northward.

· Miller's Ale House opening this month [-EB-]

617 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA