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New Barrington Coffee in Fort Point Opens at Noon

Barrington Coffee, a new coffee shop in Fort Point point by Barrington Coffee Roasting Company of Western Mass, opens today at noon. That is, as soon as the milk truck shows up, which they are currently still waiting on. The cafe has its official opening tomorrow morning at 8am but got the okay from the board of health yesterday, and so they've told Eater there will be a soft opening at 12pm. Assuming the milk truck doesn't get stuck in traffic. Barrington Coffee serves conscientious coffee including espresso drinks as well as locally made pastries. "We're super psyched to be here" says owner Makunda Feldman.

· Barrington Coffee to open a cafe in Fort Point [Boston Restaurant Talk]

[Photo: Facebook/Barrington Coffee Roasting Company]

Barrington Coffee Roasting Company

346 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02210 857-277-1914

Barrington Coffee

346 Congress Street, Boston, MA