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Jamie Bissonnette on Anthony Bourdain

Photo: Toro

Chef Jamie Bissonnette is clearly unafraid of getting tattoos, posing for photos with dead pigs and sharing his strong opinions on subjects such as Anthony Bourdain. The Coppa and Toro chef won Food and Wine's award for "The People's Best New Chef" and starred on the Food Network's Chopped, and he sips a Negroni while doing a recent interview for the series Imbibe & Inspire.

Bissonnette finds Bourdain to be highly entertaining but skewed in his perspective on Boston: "That fuckin' prick comes to Boston and he doesn't go to any restaurants, and he goes to fucking dive bars in Southie and then he goes on to say that Boston doesn't have any good fucking restaurants? You know what? Anthony Bourdain doesn't suck good dick. I don't know that for a fact, but he's never sucked mine." The chef refers to his own cohort as "the most discerning fucking motherfuckers" and then tells a joke about two men and a sausage. And how was Bissonnette's time in France? "Working in a foreign country sucks."

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