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Cooking with Lydia Shire; Bon Chon; Venison for All

Photo: The John Lee

BACK BAY- For one hundredth of the cost of Todd English's cooking class, you can get personal attention from chef Lydia Shire. For $250 participants spend three hours in kitchen with Shire at Towne Stove and Spirits and get a selection of recipes and a $50 gift card to Towne. (So really it's only like spending $199.) To sign up email or call (617) 391.2489. [Official Site]

ALLSTON - Man Food columnist Richard Chudy visits Bon Chon and takes on their infamous Korean fried chicken. "This might be the best fried chicken I’ve ever had." [Chowder]

ANDOVER - Some people donate the odd can of green beans to those in need. Some people go out and kill a deer. [BG]

Towne Stove and Spirits

900 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02115 617 247 0400 Visit Website

Bonchon Chicken

123 Brighton Avenue, , MA 02134 (617) 254-8888 Visit Website