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Ambulance Called to East Coast Grill's Hell Night

East Coast Grill has earned white-hot status among chili fiends who attend the restaurant's Hell Night series in which seemingly innocent dishes such as pasta are laced with some of the world's spiciest peppers. Sometimes it's not all fun and games: on Tuesday, an ambulance was called for one diner who passed out. CBS reports that patrons have to sign a waiver before they dig in saying they won't sue. "All the people that like hot and spicy food consider themselves gun slingers and they come looking for trouble," says the owner. The current Hell Night menu includes Hotter Than Ever Pasta From Hell with Trinidad scorpion chiles, Wings of Ass Destruction with Thai bird chilis, Jonah crab with scotch bonnet and mango mojo, and also a "wimp" section.

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[Photo: Facebook/East Coast Grill]

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