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Cambridge Brewing Co. Launches Bottled Beer

Photo: Flickr/Cambridge Brewing Co.

With the exception of a handful of local bars and restaurants, Cambridge Brewing Co. in Kendall Square has until now been the only place to get Cambridge Brewing Co. beer. But the brewery recently began bottling its specialty beers for sale at stores like Central Bottle, Boston Wine Exchange and the Craft Beer Cellar in Belmont. Beer geeks will still have to trek into Cambridge for the regular lineup, as CBC only plans to cap its weird stuff. "We went the route of focusing on our more daring beers," says brewer Will Meyers, who feels his peers in the industry have everything else covered.

Next week Meyers will bottle a Belgian double I.P.A. called The Audacity of Hops and he plans to release a single batch of Bannatyne's Scotch Ale before New Year's. After that there will be bottled Sgt. Pepper (a peppercorn saison), Red Gold (another double I.P.A.) and two herbal beers made without hops: Weekapaug Gruit and the Heather Ale. Why start bottling? "We got weekly requests from people wondering where they could find our beer, and we got tired of telling them no."

Cambridge Brewing Company

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