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MC Slim JB Drops 2011 Devil's Dining Awards

El Centro wins Slim's "Top of the Bandwagon Award." Photo: Facebook/Melissa

Boston food writer MC Slim JB has dropped his annual Devil's Dining Awards, a 60+ list of stunning breadth, depth and brutal honesty about the city's culinary highs and lows. Slim pulls no punches and reveres no golden calves: he dishes out praise and condemnation with the coolness of an iceberg. An iceberg that apparently eats out a lot. The list is your one stop primer for major happenings in the 2011 Boston food scene and is worth it for the entry headings alone, such as "Elvis/Beatles Award for Legendary Meeting We're Sorry We Missed" (Tony Maws and Jonathan Gold) and "Franz Kafka Award for Nightmarish Bureaucratic Malevolence" (the City of Bostons Inspectional Services Division).

· The 2011 Devil's Dining Awards [MC Slim JB]