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Fuji at Kendall Opening Monday

Photo: Thrillist

The upscale sushi restaurant Fuji at Kendall is the latest to join the new crop of Kendall Square restaurants and is set to open on Monday, December 5th. The menu has long been available online, though the restaurant seems to have changed "Philly Cheese Fish Bomb" to the less unappetizing "Philly Cheese Bomb." (A fish bomb just makes us think of this). Thrillist reports new details about the decor - "brightly lit, mod, two-room space highlighted by a 13-seat white marble booze/sushi bar inset with reading lamps" - and taps into their towering intellect with a Jenga pun. Get it, towering?

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Kika Tapas

350 Third Street, Cambridge, MA 781 894 1805

Fuji at Kendall

300 Third Street, Cambridge, MA