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A Veggie Diner; No French Toast for Somerville Kids

Photo: Goatless

CAMBRIDGE - The Phoenix reviews Veggie Galaxy, the vegetarian diner in Central Square brought to you by the creators of Veggie Planet in Harvard. The Phoenix finds the restaurant to be like a typical diner in that "burgers" and breakfast are both strong points of the menu, but that it is unlike your average diner in that it is not an "after-midnight, grease-soaked guilt trip." [Boston Phoenix]

SOUTH END - Montana born South End resident Cody Zindler has become the poster child for the annual fundraiser event Pie in the Sky after being written up in Patch. He plans to sell 100 pies, which are donated by local restaurants. Proceeds from the sale of each pie go to a week's worth of food for those coping with terminal illnesses. [South End Patch]

SOMERVILLE - Somerville schools have passed new rules that severely limit the kinds of food that can be brought in by students and parents, cutting off a rich supply of ethnically diverse culinary experiences. "I've already had parents say, 'When can I come in and make French toast?' " said Scrima, a teacher at John F. Kennedy Elementary School. "And I tell them, 'They can't.'" []

Veggie Planet

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