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Boston Magazine's 2011 50 Best Restaurants List

Boston Magazine just released its online version of the 2011 50 Best Restaurants, a roundup of the city's superlative dining destinations complete with recommended dishes for each entry. (Dante? Tagliatelle with rabbit.) There are no surprises besides a few ventures into the Burbs, and instead you'll find a solid compendium of familiar faces from the upper echelons of Boston's restaurant scene, like O Ya and Menton, plus smaller, less formal but also critically acclaimed spots like 10 Tables in both JP and Cambridge and East by Northeast in Inman.

In this issue you'll also find an article about Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern's visit with chef Ken Oringer to Harvard University's cutting edge Science and Cooking series and a discussion about Boston's future as a molecular gastronomy hotspot.

Those two items are part of "a fresh crop of signature dishes" slideshow published along with the list. Also featured is a map of where to find the top 50. The piece begins with a compelling case for good old fashioned food journalism and lets you know how it feels about all the Yelpers and Chowhounds: "So you want to know what the hordes think about dining out in the city? Just pull up one of a million amateur-review websites or flip through a couple of those quote-filled guidebooks. But if it’s serious, considered advice on where to eat that you’re after, you need to put in a whole lot of research." Eating in the city's best restaurants, repeatedly? Sucks to be them.

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