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Wahlberg Brothers' Wahlburgers Prompts "Wowwweeee"

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Photo: Haute Living

Yelpers are all over the Wahlberg Brothers' Wahlburgers in Hingham, awarding the casual eatery three stars and lots of extra vowels, as in "soooo goood." Overall visitors to Wahlburger seem torn: they like that there is a burger joint run by hometown Hollywood hunks, but they don't like that the food isn't great. Amidst the incessant chatter, a few salient tidbits floated to the top, spelling corrected:

· "What's the best part about Wahlburgers? The name!"
· "I didn't know I needed to get a loan before driving to Hingham for a burger."

· "The burger paties were definitely small, wafer thin"
· "The place has all the charm of a Pizza Hut."
· "They need a burger with with a lil craziness."
· "Lastly, the Wahl sauce needs improvement."



19 Shipyard Dr Hingham, MA