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Patricia Yeo's MOKSA to Open in Cambridge in January

Chef Patricia Yeo and the owner of OM are joining forces for another all-caps Pan-Asian restaurant: MOKSA. The izakaya is expected to open in mid January 2012 and will feature a back room that serves as a nightclub as well as a metarestaurant within the main restaurant. On the menu, small plates are divided into five categories including chilled and raw, dumplings, and "from the charcoal grill." Dishes will include dan dan mein (noodles), duck meatballs, honeycomb tripe and Korean style shortribs, and Yeo claims that ingredients will be sourced locally.

Sommelier and mixologist Noon Inthasuwan will preside over the bar, creating drinks that sound a tad like Kung Fu movies. For instance, Iron Buddha Bitters. Yeo studied biochemistry at Princeton, has worked with Bobby Flay and oversaw the transition of Banq to Ginger Park before becoming executive chef at OM. And what does "moksa" mean? (dramatic whisper:) Destiny...

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