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Urban Maple Syrup; Oyster Classes; Happy Hour

Photo: The Independent/Eat With Me

SOMERVILLE - The Independent in Union Square will be hosting a maple syrup soaked brunch fundraiser for the Somerville Maple Syrup Project, which taps urban trees and sells the syrup at farmers markets. December 3rd, 10am to 4pm. [Groundwork Somerville]

NORTH END - Lawmakers have yet to reinstate Happy Hour, but Ristorante Damiano has found a way of its own. Starting December 6th the restaurant will begin what it calls Merenda Happy Hour from 4pm to 6pm with complimentary snacks like baccala cakes with olives and truffle honey to all who buy drinks. [BostonChefs]

SOUTH END - B&G Oysters is hosting a series of tastings and classes dedicated to their bivalve namesake. For a list of dates and to register see here. [Official Site]