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Thanksgiving Beer Suggestions

Turkey isn't the only Thanksgiving substance known to induce drowsiness: there's also beer. BostonDig provides a roundup of substantial seasonal beers appropriate for holiday feasting, saying "these aren’t just meal pairings—they are the meal." On the list are local brews like Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project's Saint Botolph's Town, which the Dig suggests pairing with toasted rolls (even though they previously said the beer is a meal unto itself). Also featured are Harpoon's Grateful Harvest Cranberry Ale and High and Mighty's Fumata Nera, a lager made with smoked rye from a brewery that hopes to soon open its own space and that you're bound to hear more about. Drink Craft Beer reviews the Porter Square Porter from the brand spankin' new Somerville nanobrewery Slumbrew, which is made with cocoa nibs from its neighbor Taza Chocolate. DCB likes it, a lot, lamenting "I should have brought more than one." The Globe published its own list of Thanksgiving brews earlier this week.

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[Photo: Facebook/Harpoon Brewery]