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Is Ken Oringer Now Opening a Ramen Restaurant, Too?

Photo: Facebook/Ken Oringer

Is Ken Oringer now planning on opening a ramen restaurant, too? Globe food critic Devra First tweeted her excitement about news that O Ya chefs Yukihiro Kawaguchi and Mark O'Leary are planning to open a new late night ramen pop-up restaurant called Guchi's Midnight Ramen. First tweeted "How long until I can eat good ramen w/o taking a road trip? Where is Boston's Ippudo ripper-offer?" and then Oringer fired back, saying "just u wait Devra! Just u wait!!" Could this mean that Boston is about to get TWO new ramen fixes? Oringer already owns Clio, Toro, Coppa, Uni, KO Prime, and La Verdad, so what's one ramen restaurant, too? So far, First has the last word: "You're the one I'm expecting to do it first. Should I put money on it?"

· O Ya chefs to open Guchi’s Midnight Ramen pop-up [-EB-]