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Todd English: A Life In Photos

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Todd English: the man, the myth, the hot mess. Say what you want about the celebrity chef who cut his teeth on Boston restaurants like Olive's and Figs - and there's plenty to say - but you can't deny that the guy takes one hell of a photo. Here's a look back at some of our favorites, along with what we think may have been going through Todd's mind at the time.

[Photo] "I call this look the Hot Toddy."

[Photo] "Pictures of me are worth 2,000 words."

[Photo] "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

[Photo]"Which button do I push to activate my new underwater cupcake boutique?"

[Photo] "I know some ladies who would kill to be this fish right now."

[Photo] "This was one of my legal adversaries."

TEbethefood2.jpg[Photo] "To cook the food, you must first become one with the food. BTW, how's my hair?"

TEsinging2.jpg[Photo] "The extra 'd' is for damn that guy can sing!"

TEfire---.jpg[Photo]"Yeah, pans tend to do this around me."

TEeva2.jpg[Photo] "One of us is famous for their good looks: I think we know who."

[Photo]"They don't teach you THIS in culinary school!"

TEweights2.jpg[Photo] "Must... buoy... reputation...."

TEworkout2.jpg[Photo] "Somebody set this thing to 'party!'"

2todd-english-mis-universe.jpg [Photo] "Guess who's not wearing any pants!"

"Here's me articulating my thoughts on bacon. I stand by what I said."

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