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Swissbäkers Bakery and Cafe Coming to Allston


Swissbäkers will be opening a new bakery and cafe on Western Avenue in Allston in early 2012. The Reading based bakery currently distributes to shops like like Formaggio Kitchen and Pemberton Farms and will be moving its base of operations to the new space, which will feature cafe and patio seating. The Allston location will resemble the Reading operation where patrons can purchase fresh bread, Terroir coffee, light lunches and pastries. The colors red and white will dominate and "an iconic red cow, complete with Swiss cross" will keep watch from its perch atop a flagpole on the patio. Swissbäkers plans to have long wooden tables, a fireplace and a "Little Switzerland" playground for wee ones. The bakery is known for its uncanny ability to make non-pretzel baked goods taste like pretzels, as in the pretzel baguette sandwiches they will offer when they become Allston's only eatery with an umlaut.

· Swissbäkers [Facebook]


168 Western Avenue, Allston, MA