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O Ya Chefs to Open Guchi’s Midnight Ramen Pop-up

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Photo: Facebook/Yukihiro Kawaguchi

Chowder reports that O Ya chefs Yukihiro Kawaguchi and Mark O'Leary are in the process of securing a location for a new late night ramen pop-up restaurant designed to serve industry folks at odd hours. Chowder cites an email from O'Leary that states that he is "looking to provide industry folk and noodle fanatics with some late night Ramen to fill their hard working bellies. We've created some pork and chicken based broths, traditional tares, and fresh hand-made noodles."The restaurant will be called Guchi's Midnight Ramen in honor of Kawaguchi (aka "Guchi") and has leaked a few possible menu details via Twitter, including "the best char-shu I ever made" created using pork shoulder that is cured overnight. Perhaps the most exciting news about Guchi's Midnight Ramen is that it will democratize access to the technique and creativity behind the exclusive O Ya.

· Mysterious ramen pop-up, ‘Guchi’s Midnight Ramen,’ coming to Boston
· @GuchiRamenNight [Twitter]

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