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City Hall Plaza Food Trucks to Drive Away

Photo: Clover

Clover Food Lab reports that their GOV (aka Government Square) food truck will be leaving by Thanksgiving along with the other trucks that serve City Hall Plaza. According to Clover, which runs a fleet of trucks and two brick and mortars in Harvard and Inman, the trucks were supposed to depart by October but received an extension to operate until the end of this week. However Clover hopes to find a way to stay through the winter and has sent Mayor Menino a letter and a petition signed by 1,000 loyal fans. They make a convincing case, sighting the fact that they have plenty of warm clothing and elbow grease to keep their affordable, vegetarian grub available for city hall employees through the darkest months. "And winter isn't that bad when you're serving hot soup and sandwiches to customers you know and love," they say. Aww, let 'em stay!

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