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Harvard Square Clover Food Lab Has a New Pet

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[Photo: Flickr]

Clover HSQ, the brick-and-mortar Harvard Square location from the folks who brought you Clover Food Lab food trucks, has a new pet. Team member Lucia blogs about a bird - not birds, but a bird - that has been hanging out at the eatery despite being frequently removed with a net. (Luckily, it picked a vegetarian restaurant.) Lucia writes: "He's been showing us he can work most of the stations. First he flies up onto that ledge: observing us making sandwiches, yep, I can do that, he's thinking."

· Bird at Harvard Square [Clover]

Clover Food Lab

1075 Cambridge Street, , MA 02139 (617) 798-7335 Visit Website

Clover HSQ

7 Holyoke Street, Cambridge, MA