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Boston Wine Expo Drops Price; The Skinny Beet

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DEWEY SQUARE - An op-ed in the Boston Herald claims to supports the goals of Occupy Boston but then trashes the movement for its unhygienic handling of food. At times the author seems to grasp at straws, citing “some sort of electrical hook-up to a battery inside the tent" as one of the offenses, though the Globe reports that the non-profit largely running the protest is also concerned about poor sanitation, saying the occupation has hurt sales of local farmers. [Boston Herald, The Boston Globe]

BROOKLINE - Today the chef/writer-chef/writer couple known as The Skinny Beet launched their new column "Food Beet" in the Brookline Hub. Contributor Richard Chudy runs Boston Burger Blog and writes the column "Man Food" for Boston Magazine's Chowder. Katie Barszcz runs the blog The Small Boston Kitchen. [Brookline Hub]

BRIGHTON - Petit Robert Bistro in Brighton is seeking a new chef de cuisine. The restaurant's website includes a section called "Make an Impression," with tips for would be applicants such as"flash a brow," "return a handshake," and "stand tall." [Craigslist]

WATERFRONT - The Globe reports that the Boston Wine Expo is lowering prices for its January tasting event and is adding a series of "Vintner Dinners" focusing on pairings during the week before. The expo is also reducing the number of tickets to "only 6,000." [Globe]