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OtherSide Cafe Closing, Plans to Move

The Boston Phoenix reports that the rumors are true: the OtherSide Cafe on Newbury Street is closing to make room for a new Room & Board, a Minnesota based furniture chain with locations in six states and in D.C. The OtherSide has long been a spunky contrast to the more refined establishments that share the same street, a place to find hipsters digging into brie and apple sandwiches well before the era of ubiquitous hipsterdom (or ubiquitous brie and apple sandwiches, for that matter). According to the Phoenix, the OtherSide will close at the end of this year, as will the adjacent Malaysian and Pan-Asian Island Hopper, though it has every intention of relocating close by. Where? Stay tuned.

· Other Side Cafe set to move camp in December [Boston Phoenix]

[Photo: Facebook/OTHERside]

OtherSide Cafe

407 Newbury Street Boston, MA