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East by Northeast Seafood Tasting; Your Last Meal

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CAMBRIDGE - East by Northeast, masters of Chinese-inspired small plates made with local flora and fauna, tweets that there are only three seats left for their seafood tasting tomorrow night. Call, quick: (617) 876-0286. [Twitter]

SOUTH END- This year's first Beaujolais Nouveau hits our shores tomorrow, and Brasserie Jo on Huntington Ave will start pouring promptly at 12:30pm. The first case arrives via pedi-cab. For reservations, call 617.425.3240. [Boston Chefs]

CAMBRIDGE - Author Melanie Dunea and chefs Lydia Shire and Barbara Lynch will read from the new book My Last Supper: The Second Course at the Harvard Book Store. Dunea has interviewed food luminaries, including Shire and Lynch, about their preferences for their ultimate meals. Public Radio Kitchen's Jessica Alpert weighs in with her own: French fries, black bean burger, champagne. [PRK]