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Pulse Announces Closing Date; Chef Has Stuffed Bear

Whitney Lauritsen/Evo-Vegan Gal

SOMERVILLE - Boston Restaurant Talk reports that the Pulse Cafe in Davis Square has shared an official closing date after announcing that they'd be going out of business last month. The vegan restaurant will close its doors on Sunday, 11/20/11 and is rumored to be looking for a buyer. [BRT]

CAMBRIDGE - East Coast Grill, the Inman Square home of Hell Night, a semi-regular event featuring insanely spicy dishes, tweeted that will be closing temporarily for renovations from November 21st to December 1st. Following the reopening, the Grill will kick things off with several of their singeing signature events. The winter Hell Night Series titled "HELL-O-DAZE!" will recommence on December 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th. [Official Site]

NORTH END - STUFF Magazine Boston visits the home of Prezza chef and owner Anthony Caturano, which is decorated with trophies from Caturano's international big-game hunting exploits. Items scattered about the home include a warthog tusk bottle opener, an elaborately carved giraffe bone and a half-ton (dead) bear. [STUFF]