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Jacques Pepin To Visit BU For New Book Release;So You Think You Can Farm?

[Photo: Jacques Pepin, CTNews]

BU - Jacques Pépin is coming town, and for a mere $100 you can taste Boston chefs' recreations of dishes from Pépin's 27th book, “Essential Pépin: More Than 700 All-Time Favorites From My Life in Food." Participating chefs include Barry Maiden, Jamie Bissonnette, Deborah Hansen, Fabrizia Lanza, Michael Leviton, Michael Schlow and Jasper White. Participants also receive a copy of the book, a DVD, and a chance to bask in Pépin's luminosity.

MetroWest - - Interested in the farm half of the farm to table equation? The Greenhorns posted this farming opportunity for a "farmer with vision" that includes financial support from the landowners while working pasture and crop land 26 miles west of Boston. The offer also includes a 4BR farmhouse and a lovely picture of a butterfly.

Boston - The Boston Food Bloggers are partnering with the Austin Food Blogger Alliance for the Boston to Austin Food Swap, a tasty cross-cultural collaboration between rhyming cities. How it works: any Boston food blogger can sign up to register and get paired with their Austin counterpart. The two send local food care packages to and fro. How well do chilaguiles ship?

Watertown - Satiate yourself with string cheese at the 55th Annual St. Stephens Bazaar, an Armenian Festival that's heavy on the food. The event will take place this Saturday and Sunday and will feature such delicacies as choreg (Armenian sweet bread), salads, pahklava, spinach and cheese beoregs, tourshi (pickled vegetables), yalanchi (grape leaves), shish kebab, and rice pilaf.