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Necco Wafers Go Back to Unnatural

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Necco Wafers, the brightly colored candy tablets made in Revere, are going back to their original, unnatural recipe. After flirting with more wholesome ingredients made from beets and cabbage, New England Confectionery Co. has responded to lagging sales by returning to the old formula, which lists the eerily vague "colorings and flavorings" among the ingredients. Toscanini's founder Gus Rancatore recalls that the original Neccos would glow in the dark. On the Toscanini's blog he responds to articles by the Globe and The Atlantic's Corby Kummer, recalling his own childhood associations with eating the luminescent candies at double features. The recollection is bittersweet, as he associates the inexpensive treats with his family's economic hardship. In our current troubled times, might the original Necco once again serve as a light in the dark?

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