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L.A. Burdick Comes to Back Bay; New Shabu

Hed: L.A. Burdick Opening in Back Bay; The Scoop on Sustainability

[Photo: Thrillist]

ALLSTON - Swissbäkers Bakery and Cafe is coming to Allston this summer, and the company has posted a series of conceptual sketches on its website. It's safe to say that this will be the only Allston eatery that features both freshly grown herbs and climbable cows.

DOWNTOWN - When it comes to food, the term sustainability is slung around with such increasing frequency that it's hard to know if it still means anything. We found out by interviewing Leigh Belanger of the Boston-based organization Chefs Collaborative, whose goal is to make sustainability second nature for every U.S. chef. Teaser alert: she says it does still mean something.

BACK BAY - Rejoice, for chocolatier L.A. Burdick will open its fourth location on Clarendon at the end of this month. At first sales will be limited to bon bon's and Valentine assortments with the full cafe, and its legendary hot chocolate, in operation at a later date.

DORCHESTER - Boston's latest shabu fix is now open for business. Van Shabu & Bar recently opened its doors in Savin Hill, where it now serves steaming cauldrons of broth into which you may dip any one of over twenty ingredients.